There are 24 hours in a day, equal for everyone. 
Do these 24 hours feel short to you? Or long? 
How you feel about the length of time is up to you. 

In Tokyo, there are all sorts of time that flow in different ways. 
There can be mornings that continue from the night, or mornings that begin with the rise of the sun.

In a winter season with fresh morning air and beautiful sunshine,
we wish you a memorable morning time. 
  • photo by Sebastien LEBEGUE (France)


  • photo by Haruna KAWANISHI (Japan)

    Yoyogi Park

  • photo by Norihisa HOSAKA (Japan)

    Ogasawara Islands

  • photo by Guenter ZORN (Germany)

    Korakuen Amusement Park

  • photo by Minoru HOHTSUKI (Japan)


  • photo by Tomoki HIROKAWAI (Japan)


  • photo by Daisuke KAMIMURA (Japan)

    Palette town odaiba

  • photo by Daisuke KAMIMURA (Japan)


  • photo by Cesar ORDONEZ (Spain)


  • photo by Cesar ORDONEZ (Spain)


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