Tokyo is home to a countless number of attractive goods. 
Some are rooted in Japanese traditions and culture,
others were invented along the way to make living more convenient.
There are so many different goods; stylish, useful, fashionable, cute, never-before-seen. 
Come to Tokyo and get to know the tools as if you are a local!
  • Tokyo Goods photo1

    Ukiyoe, Washcloth, Hokusai

    photo by Kimiko ISHIYAMA (Japan)


  • Tokyo Goods photo2

    Food sample, Sushi, Wax works

    photo by Minoru HOHTSUKI (Japan)


  • Tokyo Goods photo3

    Color Brush Pen, Old meets New, writing utensils

    photo by Norihisa HOSAKA (Japan)


  • Tokyo Goods photo4

    Name, Seal, Identity

    photo by Minoru HOHTSUKI (Japan)


  • Tokyo Goods photo5

    Geta, Japanese wooden shoes

    photo by Cesar ORDONEZ (Spain)


  • Tokyo Goods photo6

    Gachapon, Small toys auto-vender machine

    photo by Minoru HOHTSUKI (Japan)


  • Tokyo Goods photo7

    Coin-locker, Pre-paid card

    photo by Minoru HOHTSUKI (Japan)


  • Tokyo Goods photo8

    Drink auto-vender machine, Hot & Cold

    photo by Minoru HOHTSUKI (Japan)


  • Tokyo Goods photo9

    Necessities for Summer in Tokyo!

    photo by Minoru HOHTSUKI (Japan)


  • Tokyo Goods photo10

    Enjoy the Festival with Cosplay!

    photo by Minoru HOHTSUKI (Japan)


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