Tokyo, “Snow White”, an urban city dressed in white. 

For us Japanese, the changes of the four seasons seems to be natural.
However, for travelers of this metropolis, those various seasonal expressions are extremely charming. 
Tokyo dressed with pure white snow is so impressive, especially since snow is so rare in this city. 
The snow transforms the city into a different world, as if the watches are rewound; there exists time that passes away, too.
Warmly dressed surrounded by snow, it will be surely unforgettable memories.
  • Tokyo Snow Scapes photo1

    photo by Mamiko MIYAKOSHI (Japan)


  • Tokyo Snow Scapes photo2

    photo by Mitsugu OHNISHI (Japan)


  • Tokyo Snow Scapes photo3

    photo by Kikuko USUYAMA (Japan)

    Metropolitan Expressway

  • Tokyo Snow Scapes photo4

    photo by Kikuko USUYAMA (Japan)


  • Tokyo Snow Scapes photo5

    photo by Guenter ZORN (Germany)


  • Tokyo Snow Scapes photo6

    photo by Rie ISHISHITA (Japan)

    Inokashira Park

  • Tokyo Snow Scapes photo7

    photo by Takeshi SUMI (Japan)


  • Tokyo Snow Scapes photo8

    photo by Kimiko ISHIYAMA (Japan)

    Imperial Palace

  • Tokyo Snow Scapes photo9

    photo by Minoru HOHTSUKI (Japan)

    Nishi Tokyo City

  • Tokyo Snow Scapes photo10

    photo by Guenter ZORN (Germany)


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