Tokyo is a huge city, but at the same time, is a composition lots of small villages,
each of which have a unique character and charm.
You can find local lifestyles and customs that cannot be seen anywhere else. 
Those people are connected by charming smiles.
The festivals, sport day, fairs and open-air shops….
Many unforgettable smiles await you.
  • Tokyo Smile photo1

    The Hearty Smiles at the Café in Asakusa

    photo by Eriko KOGA (Japan)


  • Tokyo Smile photo2

    Waiting for the Portable Shrine

    photo by Michael FEATHER (England)

    Sanja Matsuri, Asakusa

  • Tokyo Smile photo3

    Year Ending Fair

    photo by Michael FEATHER (England)

    Tori no Ichi

  • Tokyo Smile photo4

    Dressing Up as Little Red Riding Hood

    photo by Steven LEE (Malaysia)

    Yoyogi Park

  • Tokyo Smile photo5

    The unforgettable moment in Shibuya

    photo by Kazuki WATANAVE (Japan)


  • Tokyo Smile photo6

    Children’s Dance Practices

    photo by Michael FEATHER (England)

    Bon Odori

  • Tokyo Smile photo7

    Summer Festival in the Community

    photo by Michael FEATHER (England)

    Summer Festival

  • Tokyo Smile photo8

    The Day of the Dance of the Golden Dragon by Geishas

    photo by Michael FEATHER (England)


  • Tokyo Smile photo9

    Morning Greetings

    photo by Guenter ZORN (Germany)


  • Tokyo Smile photo10

    Welcome Smile at the Favorite Place

    photo by Mitsugu OHNISHI (Japan)

    Dogenzaka, Shibuya

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