The history and culture of a city allows it to foster its own original atmosphere.
The unique speed and behavior of its people is deeply reflected on the personality of the city. 
Tokyo, which can be said to be an aggregate of small villages, 
can be a bit shy or a bit stubborn and you would be able to meet the true gentle character of the Tokyo people in an unexpected scene. 
  • Tokyo Behavior photo1

    “Clean up!”
    Joint activities of neighborhood association

    photo by Ilse LEENDERS (Netherlands)


  • Tokyo Behavior photo2

    “Extracurricular Activity, Juvenile Baseball”

    photo by Thomas PRIOR (America)


  • Tokyo Behavior photo3

    “Secret Story, New Semester”

    photo by Sebastien LEBEGUE (France)


  • Tokyo Behavior photo4

    “School Road in a Rainy Day”

    photo by Saori TAO (Japan)


  • Tokyo Behavior photo5

    “Radio Gymnastics”
    Health care in the local community

    photo by Saori TAO (Japan)


  • Tokyo Behavior photo6

    “Practice Preparing for the Festival”

    photo by Tatsuya SHIMOHITA (Japan)


  • Tokyo Behavior photo7

    “Communication on the Street”

    photo by Masayoshi SUKITA (Japan)


  • Tokyo Behavior photo8

    “Hurrying Towards the Fireworks Display”

    photo by Cesar ORDONEZ (Spain)

    Aoyama, Minato-ku

  • Tokyo Behavior photo9

    “At the Corner of a Standing Bar”

    photo by Cesar ORDONEZ (Spain)


  • Tokyo Behavior photo10

    “Waiting for the Train”

    photo by Sebastien LEBEGUE (France)


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