There are actually two kinds of calendars used in Japan.
Apart from the solar calendar that beings in January and ends in December, 
the other calendar starts from April and lasts until March of the following year. 
Schools, government offices and many companies adopt this cycle that starts from the signal of the cherry blossom bloom, 
and ends in the spring. 
Because of this, the flowers of the trees often symbolize the ends and the beginnings;
parting of friends and moving from a familiar place to the unknown… 
A beautiful, somehow painful time flows there… 
  • Tokyo Beginnings photo1

    Walking path of sweet memories

    photo by Osamu KURIHARA (Japan)

    The Imperial Palace

  • Tokyo Beginnings photo2

    Just before entering the elemental school

    photo by Mitsugu OHNISHI (Japan)

    The National Museum of Western Art

  • Tokyo Beginnings photo3

    Ceremonies to send out friends lively

    photo by Satoshi ASAKAWA (Japan)


  • Tokyo Beginnings photo4

    Parting with a familiar scenery

    photo by Haruna KAWANISHI (Japan)


  • Tokyo Beginnings photo5

    Precious moments to spend with dear friend

    photo by Kimiko ISHIYAMA (Japan)

    Sumida Park

  • Tokyo Beginnings photo6

    Cherry-blossom viewing from the water

    photo by Cesar ORDONEZ (Spain)


  • Tokyo Beginnings photo7

    Time at the station to miss parting

    photo by Osamu KURIHARA (Japan)


  • Tokyo Beginnings photo8

    let’s make an unforgettable memory!

    photo by Rie ISHISHITA (Japan)

    Sumida River

  • Tokyo Beginnings photo9

    The last day to wear sailor-style school uniform

    photo by Takeshi SUMI (Japan)


  • Tokyo Beginnings photo10

    Green oasis, to feel the changing of the season.

    photo by Haruhi FUJII (Japan)

    Inokashira Park

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