There are two areas in Tokyo that are considered to be “holy places for book lovers”:
Kanda and Daikanyama. 

Kanda is a historically-rich area filled with rare and used books from various fields.

Daikanyama is a stylish area facing Yamate Avenue, where fashionable shops and various embassies line up. A few years ago, an attractive bookstore called TSUTAYA Daikanyama opened. 

For book lovers, both areas are the perfect destinations when visiting Tokyo. You will find also the fantastic mixture of “Old meets New”…
This Theme Photographers
  • Yukari CHIKURA image

    Yukari CHIKURA

  • Ryo OHWADA image

    Ryo OHWADA

  • Kanda and Daikanyama photo1

    Imagine - Nostalgic Moments

    Amano-Ya Cafe

  • Kanda and Daikanyama photo2

    Taste - Traditional Sweets

    Amano-Ya Cafe

  • Kanda and Daikanyama photo3

    Seek - Old-Fashioned Love Story

    Used Book Store

  • Kanda and Daikanyama photo4

    Walk - Oldest Russian Cathedral in Tokyo

    Holy Resurrection Cathedral

  • Kanda and Daikanyama photo5

    Join - Local Festival

    Kanda Myojin

  • Kanda and Daikanyama photo6

    Find - Culture and Art books at Daikanyama-Tsutaya Bookstore


  • Kanda and Daikanyama photo7

    Look - Silent Street


  • Kanda and Daikanyama photo8

    Rest - A Cozy Corner at Small Cafe


  • Kanda and Daikanyama photo9

    Encounter - Charm of a Side Street


  • Kanda and Daikanyama photo10

    Drive - Loneliness at Midnight


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