April is the season when many people will have a new departure.
Schools and companies are starting the new year. Feel refreshed,
Switch to new system and personnel placement.
Sometimes it is confusing, but in this season we feel euphoria and an unexpected encounter
I really wish you to have fun.
Tokyo ahead of two big sports games, April this year will be more than ever…
Gorgeous scenes are waiting for you.
  • Tokyo Fresh Start photo1

    Challenge, Get new job!

    photo by Osamu KURIHARA


  • Tokyo Fresh Start photo2

    Departure Process

    photo by Edward LEVINSON

  • Tokyo Fresh Start photo3

    New Route, New Job

    photo by Yukinori TOKORO


  • Tokyo Fresh Start photo4

    Dance of White heron,
    the characteristic event of April

    photo by Michael FEATHER

    Sensoji Temple

  • Tokyo Fresh Start photo5

The first stage at the theater

    photo by Rei KISHITSU


  • Tokyo Fresh Start photo6

    What is coming up?

    photo by Tomoaki MAKINO

  • Tokyo Fresh Start photo7

    First stage on the street, TOKYO Yosakoi

    photo by Mitsugu OHNISHI


  • Tokyo Fresh Start photo8

    New Employee, First to work!

    photo by Sebastien LEBEGUE

  • Tokyo Fresh Start photo9

    New Bike, The First Drive

    photo by Guenter ZORN


  • Tokyo Fresh Start photo10

    New Ambassador has arrived!

    photo by Daisuke KAMIMURA

    The Imperial Palace

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