If you express briefly the distinction of TOKYO FOOD,
it will be its diversity and international standard.
The commitment and aesthetics to foods are guaranteed by the Japanese sense of values. 
Those values have boosted the city to become the most exciting gastronomic city where more than two hundred Michelin-star restaurants exist. 
The people are attracted to the wide range of food and dishes. 
New discoveries for the joy of foods are waiting for you in TOKYO!
  • The encounters with four seasons

    photo by Mayumi SUZUKI (Japan)


  • Aesthetic of handwork

    photo by Mikio HASUI (Japan)


  • Edomae-soba, as a typical first foods

    photo by Stephanie FRAISSE (France)


  • Aesthetic of tools

    photo by Mikio HASUI (Japan)


  • French cuisine discovered Japanese dishes

    photo by Satoshi ASAKAWA (Japan)


  • Pounding Mochi (rice cake)
    to wish a hopeful future together!

    photo by Michael FEATHER (England)


  • Wide ranges of choice side by side

    photo by Minoru HOHTSUKI (Japan)


  • Cotton candy at Autumn Festival

    photo by Michael FEATHER (England)

    Autumn Festival

  • Spice stall at The year-end Festival

    photo by Michael FEATHER (England)


  • Various standing bars under the guard

    photo by Michael FEATHER (England)


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