Kagurazaka and Fukagawa; two places in Tokyo that are home to people who love ”matsuri” (local festivals), and showcase the sublime texture of their every-day life.

German photographer Guenter Zorn and Japanese photographer Mitsugu Ohnishi call Kagurazaka and Fukagawa home respectively, and they are both of the same age. Zorn has lived in Tokyo for over 20 years, and considers Kagurazaka his home. Ohnishi has deep roots to Fukagawa, and has even released a photo book capturing the town.

See their deep love for their home through their photographs.
This Theme Photographers
  • Guenter ZORN

  • Mitsugu OHNISHI

  • Unique bicycle shop in Kagurazaka

  • Annual Edo Culture Festival

  • A person passing through the traditional red ”torii”

    Akagi Shrine

  • A buddhist monk waiting for alms

    Iidabashi Station

  • Young lady playing the flute

  • A water ring in a park


  • A green path of spring


  • Oedo Cherry Blossoms Festival

    Oyokogawa River

  • Dedication to a shrine

    Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine

  • Playing at Arakawa Riverbed


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