Tokyo brand concept

Brand Identity

A city that promises all kinds of fun by constantly generating new styles while bringing tradition and innovation together

Tradition and innovation coexist in Tokyo.
While inheriting properly maintained traditional culture and architectures, the lifestyle in Tokyo is always changing and evolving. Tokyo with its diversified aspects based on Japanese culture is the world's pre-eminent tourism city that introduces visitors to new discoveries on each visit and responds to a wide range of visitor needs.

Tokyo's Experiential Value

Tokyo's everyday attractions:
the people and things there, and all that happens on its streets

Overseas visitors tend to get excited about what Tokyoites consider nothing more than regular daily life in Tokyo. There exists in regular life in Tokyo much allure that we do not notice.

Tokyo's Core Values

The authentic and attractive elements of Tokyo as a travel destination are summarized into five core values uniquely to Tokyo.

These five core values exist not in a splendid way but are vividly depicted by the daily lives of Tokyo. By having Tokyo's residents and
proprietors continuously enhance the five unique values of Tokyo in daily life, foreign visitors could feel the constantly evolving lifestyle of Tokyo along with the city's unchanged traditions.


    Where unique traditions and advanced culture coexist and come together


    Where everything is innovative and sophisticated


    Constantly changing, dynamic, and vibrant


    Overflowing with hospitality, friendliness, and sincerity


    Where everything is safe, accurate, and convenient, ensuring a pleasant experience

Brand statement

Find Japan's unchanging traditions.
Its unique culture.
Sophisticated moments in the lap of hospitality.
And pleasant days created by cutting-edge technology.

Today Tokyo continues to revolutionize everything.
Where every single person plays the leading role.

By creating diverse lifestyles looking to the future,
it constantly generates new experiences.

Tokyo. Every time you visit,
it wows you more than you could imagine.
And brings you the joy of discovering a Tokyo uniquely your own.