You cannot visit the same Tokyo twice. The city is always changing in fun, unpredictable ways and creates new styles by mixing modernity and tradition, which is what the “Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New” logo and slogan are meant to communicate to travelers everywhere. Visit it today and discover YOUR Tokyo.
Your new story starts here.


Tokyo breathes with the tradition of four hundred years since the Edo period.
It’s a city that never stops and embraces the future.
Tradition and innovation meet and evolve to create new value here in Tokyo.
Old meets New
It’s the energy and excitement of Tokyo.
Experience the surprises that start here.

Promotion Movie

2018 movie theme: Unstoppable Journey

Go around the city all day and night, and there will still be new experiences to have at every corner.
One visit will make you want more.

2017 movie theme: Old meets New

The city’s mix of tradition and innovation has been and will continue to be the fuel that keeps the city evolving.

Logo Concept Movie

A design that presents “Tokyo” in two different fonts in order to intuitively impart an image of the city.
The brushstroke of Tokyo and Gothic block typeface of Tokyo represent the originality of the city, where traditions dating back to the Edo period (1603-1868), coexist alongside the cutting edge culture of today. The tradition is expressed in black ink, while the new Tokyo is expressed in blue, like the sky spreading forward to express the innovative future. To give some playfulness, the logo also includes a traditional stamp that shows the one of Tokyo’s newest sightseeing landmarks, Shibuya scramble crossing.

Message from
the Governor of Tokyo

Tokyo Tokyo is part of the promotion
for the Tokyo brand.
Find out more about the Tokyo brand below.

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