“Tokyo Kousaten”<br><span class="features-tokyokousaten-subtitle">Interviews of Tokyo professionals</span> Key Visual

“Tokyo Kousaten”
Interviews of Tokyo professionals

While diligently upholding the past’s ideas and traditions, from art to music to food and infinitely more, Tokyo is a city that never stops pushing forward to embrace the latest technological advances. “Tokyo Kousaten”, a new television program from TV TOKYO Corporation that showcases those parts of Japan’s capital where past and present intersect in uniquely dazzling and balanced ways as the program title "kousaten" which means "crossroads", suggests. Check the TokyoTokyo website each month for English-language versions of “Tokyo Kousaten” videos.

  • LED

    Minoru Fujimoto

    LED thumbnail
  • Noh performer

    Munenori Takeda

    Noh performer thumbnail
  • Collage


    Collage thumbnail
  • Stained glass

    Masaki Uruga

    Stained glass thumbnail
  • Gardening

    Kazuyuki Ishihara

    Gardening thumbnail
  • Japanese garden

    Tatsumasa Murasame

    Japanese garden thumbnail
  • Winery

    Miwa Echigoya

    Winery thumbnail
  • Doburoku

    Yoshimi Terasawa

    Doburoku thumbnail
  • Plaster

    Souji Wakimoto

    Plaster thumbnail
  • Edo wood carving

    Akinori Yokoya

    Edo wood carving thumbnail
  • Flower art

    Yoko Uda

    Flower art thumbnail
  • Botanical art

    Michiko Shibata

    Botanical art thumbnail
  • Glass pen

    Yoshihiro Rachi

    Glass pen thumbnail
  • Inkstone

    Takashi Aoyagi

    Inkstone thumbnail
  • Pop-up picture book

    Narumi Kaminari

    Pop-up picture book thumbnail
  • Picture book

    Haruno Matsumoto

    Picture book thumbnail
  • Spray art


    Spray art thumbnail
  • Bijin-ga

    Yasunari Ikenaga

    Bijin-ga thumbnail
  • Ballpoint pen artist


    Ballpoint pen artist thumbnail
  • Suiboku-ga

    Tamayo Samejima

    Suiboku-ga thumbnail
  • Scrap art

    Natsumi Tomita

    Scrap art thumbnail
  • Jizai Okimono

    Haruo Mitsuta

    Jizai Okimono thumbnail
  • Sweets art

    Hironobu Tsujiguchi

    Sweets art thumbnail
  • Amezaiku

    Takahiro Yoshihara

    Amezaiku thumbnail
  • Spatial lighting

    Izumi Okayasu

    Spatial lighting thumbnail
  • Candle art

    Masashi Minai

    Candle art thumbnail
  • Photogenic food

    Choji Ikeuchi

    Photogenic food thumbnail
  • Oden

    Kaito Funadaiku

    Oden thumbnail
  • Infiorata

    Yasuhiko Fujikawa

    Infiorata thumbnail
  • Sand art

    Masako Iimen

    Sand art thumbnail
  • Fruit cutting

    Taizo Hirano

    Fruit cutting thumbnail
  • Decorative cutting

    Masaki Kurata

    Decorative cutting thumbnail
  • Custom knife

    Hidetoshi Nakayama

    Custom knife thumbnail
  • Katana

    Yoshimitsu Mizuki

    Katana thumbnail
  • Guitar

    Shotaro Hayashi

    Guitar thumbnail
  • Violin

    Iwao Furusawa

    Violin thumbnail
  • Edo Ishogi Ningyo

    Hosei Tsuda

    Edo Ishogi Ningyo thumbnail
  • Figures

    Takayuki Takeya

    Figures thumbnail
  • Art restoration

    Koji Mayuyama

    Art restoration thumbnail
  • Kyogen

    Daijiro Zenchiku

    Kyogen thumbnail
  • Traditional puppetry performance

    Koryu Nishikawa

    Traditional puppetry performance thumbnail
  • Special modeling art

    Kazuya Kanemaru

    Special modeling art thumbnail
  • Popular drama theater

    Taichi Saotome

    Popular drama theater thumbnail
  • 3D printer


    3D printer thumbnail
  • Buddhist sculpt

    Gizan Katoh

    Buddhist sculpt thumbnail
  • Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen

    Sakae Sakahara

    Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen thumbnail
  • Wild boar stew

    Ryusaku Yoshida

    Wild boar stew thumbnail
  • Gibier

    Takuto Murota

    Gibier thumbnail
  • Furoshiki

    Yoshio Yamada

    Furoshiki thumbnail
  • Household goods design

    Kaichiro Yamada

    Household goods design thumbnail
  • Craft beer brewer

    Shunsuke Izumi

    Craft beer brewer thumbnail
  • Sake

    Hanjuro Tamura

    Sake thumbnail
  • Edo lacquerware

    Masaru Okawara

    Edo lacquerware thumbnail
  • Stand-up comedy

    Kimimaro Ayanokoji

    Stand-up comedy thumbnail
  • Gagaku

    Hideki Togi

    Gagaku thumbnail
  • Dress design

    Yumi Katsura

    Dress design thumbnail
  • Bookbinder

    Naoko Nakui

    Bookbinder thumbnail
  • Animator

    Koji Yamamura

    Animator thumbnail
  • Museum

    Masato Matsushima

    Museum thumbnail
  • Shorts Film

    Tetsuya Bessho

    Shorts Film thumbnail
  • Window displays

    Jun Musashi

    Window displays thumbnail
  • Edo Hyogu

    Osamu Maekawa

    Edo Hyogu thumbnail
  • Murayama Oshima Tsumugi

    Takahisa Tashiro

    Murayama Oshima Tsumugi thumbnail
  • Edo woodblock prints

    Yukiko Takahashi

    Edo woodblock prints thumbnail
  • Glass harp

    Eri Ohashi

    Glass harp thumbnail
  • Edo wind chime

    Masayoshi Shinohara

    Edo wind chime thumbnail
  • Voice actor

    Noriko Hidaka

    Voice actor thumbnail
  • Kodan

    Kanda Hakuzan

    Kodan thumbnail
  • Wrapping

    Marie Takeda

    Wrapping thumbnail
  • Edo Shishu

    Isao Takeuchi

    Edo Shishu thumbnail
  • Smartphone app

    Masako Wakamiya

    Smartphone app thumbnail
  • Kimono

    Hisayo Shito

    Kimono thumbnail
  • Special effects makeup

    Amazing Jiro

    Special effects makeup thumbnail
  • Tokyo some-komon

    Junichi Saotome

    Tokyo some-komon thumbnail
  • Designers furniture

    Takumi Kitada

    Designers furniture thumbnail
  • Edo kiriko

    Junichi Nabetani

    Edo kiriko thumbnail
  • Gold fish

    Tomoko Yoshida

    Gold fish thumbnail
  • Edo tegaki chochin

    Shuichi Murata

    Edo tegaki chochin thumbnail
  • Embroidery

    Asami Kiyokawa

    Embroidery thumbnail
  • Textile design

    Masaru Suzuki

    Textile design thumbnail
  • Virtual reality

    Aimi Sekiguchi

    Virtual reality thumbnail
  • Kaleidoscope

    Koji Yamami

    Kaleidoscope thumbnail
  • Piano

    Shinya Kiyozuka

    Piano thumbnail

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