“Tokyo Kousaten”
Interviews of Tokyo professionals

While diligently upholding the past’s ideas and traditions, from art to music to food and infinitely more, Tokyo is a city that never stops pushing forward to embrace the latest technological advances. “Tokyo Kousaten”, a new television program that showcases those parts of Japan’s capital where past and present intersect in uniquely dazzling and balanced ways as the program title "kousaten" which means "crossroads", suggests . Check the TokyoTokyo website each month for English-language versions of “Tokyo Kousaten” videos.

  • #8Space Production

    Ryotaro Muramatsu

  • #7Kado

    Mika Otani

  • #6"Kawaii" culture

    Sebastian Masuda

  • #5Dozeu

    Takashi Watanabe

  • #4Special effects makeup

    Amazing JIRO

  • #3Noh mask

    Shigeharu Nagasawa

  • #2Robot

    Tatsuya Matsui

  • #1Kabuki

    5th generation Kikunosuke Onoe

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