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Movies of Tokyo’s charms

Throughout this year, the Tokyo Channel will be broadcasting unique, high-quality, original short pieces about the plethora of immersive, hands-on experiences available to tourists in Japan’s vibrant capital.
Each clip covers one specific concept of five themes: Food; Traditional Culture; Nature; Theme Parks; and Relaxation. With a total of 20 clips (four per theme) in this special series, the Tokyo Channel remains the premier source for understanding the depth of Japanese culture.

Tokyo Nature

When imagining Tokyo, most people envisage a sprawling concrete jungle bathed in of glaring neon lights. Actually, though, technology and nature coexist harmoniously in the megalopolis. There’s no shortage of places from which to admire Tokyo’s natural splendor, from the bucolic Hinohara, the metropolis’ last true “village,” to more exotic locations like the Ogasawara archipelago. Take a video journey into the greenest parts of Japan’s capital!

  • Little Adventure Diaries

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  • Activities in TAMASHIMA

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  • Tokyo's hidden islands

    Source : Ogasawara Village Tourism Bureau

  • Local Food in TAMASHIMA

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Tokyo Craft

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