Timeless Temptations – How Tokyo Became the Most Interesting City in the World

There is a kind of magic to Tokyo, which you can now discover in a series of videos showcasing the city’s unique charms. Immerse yourself in architecture that brings the past back to life, see how the city perfectly merges the ancient with the modern, or get a taste of the capital’s extraordinary nightlife, to understand what those who have already been here know. There is no place like Tokyo.

Cruising Tokyo, Day and Night

Exploring Tokyo is much like traversing a dream. The city lets you slip in and out of settings, moods, and memories with incredible ease. Whether one starts on the winding streets or along the waters of the bay, the glittering lights of the cityscape open up to everything from music from around the world to legends in the culinary world, as well as modern hotels inspired by historical inns.

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