“Tokyo Kousaten”<br><span class="features-tokyokousaten-subtitle">Interviews of Tokyo professionals</span> Key Visual

“Tokyo Kousaten”
Interviews of Tokyo professionals

While diligently upholding the past’s ideas and traditions, from art to music to food and infinitely more, Tokyo is a city that never stops pushing forward to embrace the latest technological advances. “Tokyo Kousaten”, a new television program from TV TOKYO Corporation that showcases those parts of Japan’s capital where past and present intersect in uniquely dazzling and balanced ways as the program title "kousaten" which means "crossroads", suggests. Check the TokyoTokyo website each month for English-language versions of “Tokyo Kousaten” videos.

  • Bunko leather

    Annamaria Bara

    Bunko leather thumbnail
  • Paper-cutting art

    Takashi Koshiishi

    Paper-cutting art thumbnail
  • Edo Karakami

    Yukio Koizumi

    Edo Karakami thumbnail
  • Motion actor

    Hideki Sugiguchi

    Motion actor thumbnail
  • Tateshi

    Hiroaki Kawaguchi

    Tateshi thumbnail
  • Knitting

    Mitsuharu Hirose

    Knitting thumbnail
  • Temari balls

    Yuka Sato

    Temari balls thumbnail
  • Electric Guitar

    Yuta Ishikawa

    Electric Guitar thumbnail
  • Tokyo Shamisen

    Takahito Watanabe

    Tokyo Shamisen thumbnail
  • Japanese paper confections

    Tetsuya Nagata

    Japanese paper confections thumbnail
  • Tea ceremony confection

    Yuji Nagano

    Tea ceremony confection thumbnail
  • Socks

    Arisa Kakusue

    Socks thumbnail
  • Tabi

    Shigeo Fukushima

    Tabi thumbnail
  • Nail art

    Hiromi Hino

    Nail art thumbnail
  • Finger puppet

    Mitsuaki Tsuyuki

    Finger puppet thumbnail
  • Bamboo art

    Chikuunai Tanabe

    Bamboo art thumbnail
  • Bamboo craft

    Suikou Buseki

    Bamboo craft thumbnail
  • Ball-jointed dolls

    Mari Shimizu

    Ball-jointed dolls thumbnail
  • Tokyo Kokeshi dolls

    Kuninobu Okura

    Tokyo Kokeshi dolls thumbnail
  • Drone show

    Komei Sasaki

    Drone show thumbnail
  • Fireworks

    Akiko Amano

    Fireworks thumbnail
  • Eraser stamp

    Saki Katayama

    Eraser stamp thumbnail
  • Fountain pen

    Shinichi Yoshida

    Fountain pen thumbnail
  • Contemporary artist

    Arisa Chinen

    Contemporary artist thumbnail
  • Kumihimo

    Ryuta Fukuda

    Kumihimo thumbnail
  • Whistling

    Kimiko Wakiyama

    Whistling thumbnail
  • Grass flute

    Kazuo Nishizawa

    Grass flute thumbnail
  • Wire art

    Manabu Ogawa

    Wire art thumbnail
  • Edo-style bamboo blinds

    Kotaro Tanaka

    Edo-style bamboo blinds thumbnail
  • Ohagi

    Hiroki Ogawa

    Ohagi thumbnail
  • Dumpling

    Shuichi Sawano

    Dumpling thumbnail
  • Beatboxer


    Beatboxer thumbnail
  • Ocarina


    Ocarina thumbnail
  • Japanese instrument

    Ryohei Inoue

    Japanese instrument thumbnail
  • Hayashi

    Rokon Tosha

    Hayashi thumbnail
  • Sax

    Nobuya Sugawa

    Sax thumbnail
  • Shakuhachi

    Dozan Fujiwara

    Shakuhachi thumbnail
  • Puppetry

    Jo Taira

    Puppetry thumbnail
  • Shadow puppet

    Koheysai Kawamura

    Shadow puppet thumbnail
  • Next-generation electric wheelchairs

    Masahiro Toriyama

    Next-generation electric wheelchairs thumbnail
  • Rickshaw

    Fumitake Matsuoka

    Rickshaw thumbnail
  • Headgear

    Norio Nishihara

    Headgear thumbnail
  • Hat

    Ohko Hirata

    Hat thumbnail
  • Harp

    Naoko Yoshino

    Harp thumbnail
  • Koto


    Koto thumbnail
  • Decorated battledore

    Kogetsu Nishiyama

    Decorated battledore thumbnail
  • Woodwork

    Jiro Suda

    Woodwork thumbnail
  • Ceramic art

    Taku Nakano

    Ceramic art thumbnail
  • Archery

    Yoshihisa Nishikawa

    Archery thumbnail
  • Arrow maker

    Shinichi Sugiyama

    Arrow maker thumbnail
  • Shoe-shine

    Yuya Hasegawa

    Shoe-shine thumbnail
  • Polishing

    Yuki Ito

    Polishing thumbnail
  • LED

    Minoru Fujimoto

    LED thumbnail
  • Noh performer

    Munenori Takeda

    Noh performer thumbnail
  • Collage


    Collage thumbnail
  • Stained glass

    Masaki Uruga

    Stained glass thumbnail
  • Gardening

    Kazuyuki Ishihara

    Gardening thumbnail
  • Japanese garden

    Tatsumasa Murasame

    Japanese garden thumbnail
  • Winery

    Miwa Echigoya

    Winery thumbnail
  • Doburoku

    Yoshimi Terasawa

    Doburoku thumbnail
  • Plaster

    Souji Wakimoto

    Plaster thumbnail
  • Edo wood carving

    Akinori Yokoya

    Edo wood carving thumbnail
  • Flower art

    Yoko Uda

    Flower art thumbnail
  • Botanical art

    Michiko Shibata

    Botanical art thumbnail
  • Glass pen

    Yoshihiro Rachi

    Glass pen thumbnail
  • Inkstone

    Takashi Aoyagi

    Inkstone thumbnail
  • Pop-up picture book

    Narumi Kaminari

    Pop-up picture book thumbnail
  • Picture book

    Haruno Matsumoto

    Picture book thumbnail
  • Spray art


    Spray art thumbnail
  • Bijin-ga

    Yasunari Ikenaga

    Bijin-ga thumbnail
  • Ballpoint pen artist


    Ballpoint pen artist thumbnail
  • Suiboku-ga

    Tamayo Samejima

    Suiboku-ga thumbnail
  • Scrap art

    Natsumi Tomita

    Scrap art thumbnail
  • Jizai Okimono

    Haruo Mitsuta

    Jizai Okimono thumbnail
  • Sweets art

    Hironobu Tsujiguchi

    Sweets art thumbnail
  • Amezaiku

    Takahiro Yoshihara

    Amezaiku thumbnail
  • Spatial lighting

    Izumi Okayasu

    Spatial lighting thumbnail
  • Candle art

    Masashi Minai

    Candle art thumbnail
  • Photogenic food

    Choji Ikeuchi

    Photogenic food thumbnail
  • Oden

    Kaito Funadaiku

    Oden thumbnail
  • Infiorata

    Yasuhiko Fujikawa

    Infiorata thumbnail
  • Sand art

    Masako Iimen

    Sand art thumbnail
  • Fruit cutting

    Taizo Hirano

    Fruit cutting thumbnail
  • Decorative cutting

    Masaki Kurata

    Decorative cutting thumbnail