Travelers in TOKYO

Five different travelers find their own unique
and personal ways to enjoy the Tokyo Metropolis.


Spirit Within

Tokyo, where old you meets new you.

Step outside the hustle and bustle of the big city for some peace and quiet. Explore century-old traditions, history, and the spiritual world through cultural activities such as temple and garden visits, a tea ceremony, and calligraphy.


Be A Hero

Tokyo, where old worlds meet new wonders.

Go on a journey across Tokyo’s past and present. During a stroll through the city’s streetscapes, our traveler tries out a number of traditional Japanese sports: kendo, judo, kyudo, and more.



Gastro Fantasy

Tokyo, where traditional foods meet new flavors.

Go on a voyage of culinary discovery in Tokyo. Experience 3D latte art, themed restaurants, and a wayward nighttime exploration in a yokocho alleyway. All manner of colorful dishes are presented from traditional cuisine to sophisticated, cutting edge restaurants.



Minute Perfection

Tokyo, where old art forms meet new appreciations.

Discover the Japanese eye for detail from the distant past to the present day. Discoveries include traditional bonsai styling, the latest floating bonsai/ikebana(Japanese flower arrangement) trend, amezaiku candy craft artistry, and “character bento”. This is an introduction to the majestic world found within the small details.

  • Shunkaen BONSAI Museum

  • Asakusa Amezaiku Ame-shin Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi Store

  • Gaocchi

  • Tokyo Tower
  • YoukiZa



Back To The Future

Tokyo, where old trends meet new travelers.

Take a look at the fashions of yesteryear in Tokyo, a source of inspiration for those creating a new future. Get introduced to the charms of Tokyo that capture the hearts of fashionistas, from old bookstores to secondhand clothing, vintage, and antique shops.

  • Grimoire Almadel

  • Tokyo Bay

  • Gotokuji Temple

  • C:hord

  • Ohya Shobo

  • Shimizu Toki Memorial Kimono Museum

  • Mandarake Henya

  • DOG

  • Hosho Noh Gakudo

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