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Tokyo 3 Day Itinerary

What can you do in just 3 days in Tokyo?
Go to space, become a samurai, eat like a local, and more. Find out all the places and experiences you can have below.

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Start the journey in Shibuya.
Feel the energy of the hundreds of people crossing paths.

Walk to Omotesando

Window-shop at the birthplace of Tokyo culture “Omotesando & Harajuku”.

Take a train to Tokyo Dome City

Experience the latest attractions in an entertainment complex made up of an amusement park, a spa facility, hotels, and more.

Take a train to Ginza

Experience an unprecedented fusion of food and digital art for dinner.

Take a train to Jimbocho

Have a futuristic stay at a capsule hotel, originating in Japan.

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Take a train to Shirokane

Start Day 2 with a stroll in a Japanese garden and a tea experience.

Go to the Yanaka/Nezu area

Explore the nostalgic streets.

Take a train to Monzen-nakacho

Have dinner on a traditional Japanese cruise, called yakatabune, in the rivers and bays.

More Places

Take a train to Meguro

Relieve the exhaustion of the trip at the lavish hotel.

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Take a train to Tsukiji

Eat the foods of the season at the marketplace full of life even in the early hours of the day.

Walk to Hama-Rikyu Gardens

Go on a walk in the beautiful gardens from the Edo Period.

Take a ferry to Asakusa

Walk around in a suit of armor in Asakusa as if it were the Edo Period.

Take a train to Shinjuku

Hop from one Japanese bar, called izakaya, to another in Shinjuku.

Be enamored by the glowing Shinjuku skyline from the observatory.

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Tokyo 3 Day Itinerary

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